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Opportunity Appraisal

In order to realize your needs, your physician and community’s expectations, we conduct an on-site evaluation. We meet the appropriate decision makers, physicians and community leaders. Our objective is to help you develop the best recruitment strategy for your community. Among the key factors we consider are: the population/physician ratio; timetable for conducting the search; description of the physician’s duties; political considerations; review of the past and present medical community; contractual considerations; and, the interviewing and negotiating process.

Beyond the professional considerations, we glean as much “lifestyle” (housing, cultural, schools, et al) information as possible. The foremost question on the mind of any physician and, most importantly, their family is, “Can we see ourselves living here?” Utilizing this first-hand information, we are then able to present your opportunity accurately and in the best possible light, so we may attract prospects who meet your criteria.

Candidate Sourcing

Based on the profile of your community and our mutually agreed upon candidate parameters, we aggressively begin our sourcing campaign. Sourcing is the lifeblood of our mutual success. Direct mail, creatively packaged, with a strong offer, and a clean mailing list remains the #1 “tried and true” channel to attract physicians. Given that direct mail is a must, other mediums such as telemarketing, journal advertisements, extensive databases, individual networking and utilization of the Internet, are conducted on a nationwide scale. In short, our resource capacity allows market reach to the most extensive network of active job seekers (residents and practicing physicians). This translates to more qualified candidates for you, condensed initiation-to-successful placement time, lower costs and an accelerated return on investment.

Personal Interviews

Next, Physician and spouse (if applicable) are interviewed telephonically to highlight your opportunity and determine compatibility of professional, personal and lifestyle goals. Upon locating the candidate who most closely meets your requirements, we validate license, conduct references and two physician disciplinary databank checks. Once you have given us the “green light” Harris Medical Search personally interviews the physician and spouse before their onsite visit to your community. During the Harris Medical Search/Physician interview, we are learning more about the physician goals and family needs while restating detailed information about your opportunity. This aids in building successful closure. Following this interview, we will brief you with all new information, concerns, etc. – which gives you the ability to respond before the physician and spouse arrive onsite. Prior to their arrival, Harris Medical Search prepares and delivers a comprehensive dossier on the physician, family and motivating factors.

On-Site Visit

The onsite visit has been structured ahead of time to tailor the visit to the needs of the physician and spouse. A written itinerary has been provided to the physician during the personal interview and all the details of the trip have been planned by Harris Medical Search in tandem with your staff to ensure a successful site visit. An onsite visit of the community and practice, etc that closely matches the information the physician and spouse have been previously given, will result in successful closure of the search. Within two days of the site visit, Harris Medical Search will seek an indication of interest from both the client and physician.

Agreement Negotiations

Obtaining pre-approved agreements ahead of the site visit, and our third party involvement in negotiation is critical to timely closure. We are able to isolate problems as a consultative third party. We serve as a filter and facilitator to work through the sensitive and potentially “detrimental” issues in a timely, efficient and effective manner. With your approval, we then secure a mutually beneficial work agreement.

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